Meet Our Team

Larissa Miller, Owner and Licensed Massage Therapist

I am a multimodal LMT serving both DC and Virginia, providing massage as a therapeutic approach to the treatment of muscle pain and dysfunction. My client sessions typically consist of a tailored blend of techniques to bring about relaxation, rehabilitation, a sense of well-being, and heightened awareness of the mind-body connection. 

License: Massage, VA #0019012348
Lori Vintilescu

Lori Vintilescu, Licensed Massage Therapist

I feel passionate about helping others while maintaining balance in my own life. Therapeutic Massage has become my third career path after marketing & event planning, and working from home while starting a family. I graduated from the Massage Therapy program at Northern Virginia Community College where I studied anatomy, physiology, pathology, and kinesiology as well as multiple massage therapy modalities. With extensive training in Spinal Reflex Therapy, medical massage within Spine and Rehab Chiropractic settings, as well as 5 star resort spas, I bring a beautifully balanced approach and skillset to the DIW team. 

License: Massage, VA #0019013870
Peter Carroll

Peter Carroll, Licensed Massage Therapist

I combine an intuitive sense of touch with anatomical knowledge to achieve a clear picture of the dysfunction in a client's body, with every session being its own unique expression. After completing Reiki Master attunement, I felt driven to begin practicing massage as a way to better help people heal. Upon achieving a degree in Medical Massage, I then pursued Spinal Reflex Therapy certification to better address physical aspects of client health with precision. Each client's physical, mental, and emotional aspects are deeply considered, valued, and blended into various aspects of the healing process.

License: Massage, VA #0019014402
Sophia Kadlubowski

Sophia Kadlubowski , Licensed Massage Therapist

I have a passion for medical massage applications for pain management and providing relief for Moms-to-be through Prenatal massage. I received a degree in Medical Massage Therapy through Northern Virginia Community College and went on to achieve certification in Spinal Reflex Therapy. Though I have extensive experience in spa services, I thrive in providing short and long-term pain relief for many clients who have struggled with surgical complications or have reached a plateau with results from Physical Therapy treatment. I also excel in providing aftercare from athletic events, and have provided onsite care for participants of three different Marine Corps Marathons (2014, 2015, 2016). 

License: Massage, VA #0019014319
Steven Minson

Steven Minson, Licensed Massage Therapist

I am a licensed massage therapist specializing in swedish and deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, and orthopedic techniques (which may involve active engagement, muscle energy techniques (MET), myofascial release, nerve mobilization, positional release, and PNF stretching) 
While in medical massage training at Northern Virginia Community College, I was proud to receive recognition for Outstanding Achievement in Therapeutic Massage. Upon graduation I went on to complete certification in Spinal Reflex Therapy (SRT) to better address the pain management needs of my clients. 

License: Massage, VA #0019014702
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